Information for members

This page contains details of committee members, subscription fees and when they are payable, and term dates of rehearsals.

The Committee

Chair Person- Claire Hyatt (Trumpet)

Vice Chair Person- Sarah Williams (Flute)

Secretary- Julia Merrin (Saxophone)

Treasurer- Paul Kniveton

President- Malcom Bevan (Cornet)

Musical Director- Geoff Weeks

Denise Buckley

Jeanne McCollum (Clarinet/Saxophone)

Anne Tompkins (Clarinet)

Julie Tompkins (Oboe/Saxophone)

Cheryl Smith (Oboe)


Subscriptions are £25 per half term, and are paid at the beginning of each half term in either cash or cheque to the Musical Director or Treasurer on the first rehearsal of the term.

Subscriptions for students are payable as above but at the reduced rate of £12.50 per half term.

Term Dates


September- October Half Term

W/C 10th September to 21st October

October Half Term- Christmas Holidays

W/C 5th November to 17th December

January- February Half Term

W/C 7th January to 11th February


February Half Term- Easter Holidays

W/C 25th February to 1st April


Easter Holidays- May Half Term

W/C 22nd April to 20th May


June to Summer Holidays

W/C 3rd June to 15th July

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